My 30 day challenge using 500mg oil

We all have some anxiety, stress, or pain we try to we could do without. 

Patience and a healthy dose of cbd each morning helped me overcome the daily stresses of life and a dislocated hip pain from high school baseball.

In this article, I talk about who I am, my cbd dose, and frequency of use over a 1 month period. Keep in mind that cbd takes time to work and consistency is important to feeling the relief I feel daily.

My Story:

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My name is Aaron and I began using cbd a few months ago to understand how this plant molecule would help me.

I had my hesitations, but after reading about experiences online I decided to give cbd a try. During this time I was working at a stressful job that demanded my time Monday thru Sunday (it was a startup) that basically destroyed my mental health.

The world of holistic medicine is something prior generations were unable to obtain that you now have access to. 

What led me to trying cbd was the desire to help my sleepless nights. Whether my mind was cycling through past relationships, work related issues, family, life, or concepts I was struggling to grasp I simply could not control my own thoughts at night. This unhealthy mental state accounted for lost moments while I was trapped in my thoughts.

My 30 day challenge with cbd:

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After learning of cbd several years ago, I began researching how cbd could relieve my anxiety and induce better sleep.

This journey is an experience that provides you the clarity to push past the mental burdens of life. The regiment I followed details my experience in 5 day intervals.

My regiment:

30 day challenge - Zehne

Note: Mid way through, I shifted my morning oil routine to at night before bed. I felt the results worked better.

  • Shake bottle for 5 seconds
  • Open bottle and squeeze my dropper until it reached the half way mark
  • Placed dropper under my tongue and squeezed out cbd oil
  • Let oil rest under my tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing

The oil I chose for this testimony was 500mg broad spectrum which I believe is great for new users, but there is really no difference between the 500mg and 1000mg since you can control how much you consume.


The routine:

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Day 1: Oil has citrus/natural plant taste. Dry mouth occurred and lasted a few minutes. My body felt a little relaxed, but too soon to tell. Overall, too early to tell.

Day 5: Sleep is better, but I woke up thirsty. Body is relaxed, but no noticeable indications of lower anxiety.  Overall, I am still skeptical.

Day 10: Thoughts feel more in control, sleep is getting better and I no longer wake up thirsty. Overall, I am feeling some effects of the cbd.

Day 15: Anxious feelings are less intense, heart beat is not beating as intense during anxious moments. Sleep is same and my thoughts have remained unchanged from day 10. Overall, I am feeling in a better place since Day 1.

Day 20: Anxiety feelings are no longer there. I won't go into detail, but I had a public speaking engagement recently. During this engagement, no signs of fear, dread, or tension enveloped me. Overall, I am feeling lower tension, less anxious thoughts, and better deeper sleep.

Day 30: Final day of my testimony and I am surprised at how effective my cbd was. Stress? What stress...I won't say I didn't have moments of panic in between deadlines, but my thoughts are clear and mind is focused and stressful moments don't stick to my thoughts like before. Overall, my journey has been a success.


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After this 30 day challenge I realized cbd is right for me. My main reasons for using cbd was for anxiety, stress, focus, and sleep. All 4 categories were helped by cbd and continue to work throughout my continued use. Right now I am on a cleanse from cbd to see if my symptoms come back. I will update in another post. Stay tuned for more results and thank you for reading!

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