CBD Cream: How long does it last? When to use it?

Within 10-15 minutes our a warm sensation eases pain where CBD cream is applied. 

We don't always know when pain will happen, but a typical solution is tylenol or advil. Seems simple right, take a pill with water and be done with your pain.

Have you thought about the long term damage to your liver? We know you have, but nothing works as effectively as those pills right? We understand.

That is until now.

How long does CBD cream last?

It depends on the (mg) and quantity you use, but our 200mg size generally lasts between 3-4 hours if pain is light to moderate. 

Duration of relief at which cbd takes effect is amplified during physical activity. This is especially true at areas covered by clothes (which trap heat and create a positive feedback loop for cbd to penetrate skin). 

CBD topical cream during physical activity:

women using cbd cream before run - zehne

During physical activity, pores open up allowing cbd to absorb at an accelerated rate. Covered areas where cbd is applied trap heat allowing for cream to dissolve easier into applied areas.

In my experience, I see the quickest results during workouts. Applying cream to my lower back and shoulders allows me to continue the routine without discomfort. Applying (2) finger full amounts to each area is enough to relieve my pain and cramping by the time warm up stretching is complete.

CBD topical cream for computer users:

For those with carpal tunnel or arthritis, cbd topical cream is a highly effective alternative. Within 10-15 minutes, cbd begins taking effect. During this period users will feel application area beginning to heat up. 

For accelerated results, any of these methods will work:

  • Gauss wrapping
  • Wrist brace
  • Wrap hand over applied area

These tips will generate heat in the desired area. If you have any methods you believe work better, feel free to test them out and leave us a comment.

Many of our daily computer users report warming sensation as cbd activates which is completely normal. This will alert you that relief is on the way.

When to use CBD cream?

We use cbd after working out, exercising, and long periods of computer use. These are the main areas that affect our team, but many of our patients use cbd cream for arthritis, before outdoor activities, and many other occurrences. 

Since cbd cream is revitalizes skin and preemptively reduces pain, we encourage you to use before activities such as:

  • Moving boxes
  • Painting house
  • Working out
  • Before day of typing
  • Or even, dry skin on a cold day outside

The reasons are endless so you will likely find a reason to start using even if you have no pain today. 


Whether you are looking to relieve mild to moderate pain, cbd topical cream takes effect within 15 minutes. During these 15 minutes you can accelerate the relief by creating heat where cbd is applied. Heat can be generated through sunlight exposure, working out, or wrapping cloth around applied area.

Cbd is primarily used for pain and inflammation relief, but users with dry skin, eczema, or itchiness can also benefit.

While diagnosing pain severity, it is important to understand that cbd topical cream is not a replacement for severe pain relief. If medical treatment is necessary, cbd will only provide comfort and relief in the short term. For lasting pain, please use cbd oil. Cbd oil is considered our long term solution and targets pain at the source.

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