CBD: When does it work? Addictive?

All things in life have the potential to be addictive, regardless of their use. From this perspective CBD is no different than chocolate or watching TV. We can all learn a few things about ourselves by observing what physical things we feel attached to right now. 

So, is CBD addictive and when will it begin working? The short answer, it depends on:

  • Mental attitude
  • Benefits expecting
  • Diet
  • Frequency of dosage
  • Overall health

I will touch up in more detail in another article covering the topics above, but below will update you on my experience and when the cbd will on average take effect.

My personal experience using cbd:

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CBD has helped me overcome anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Over the course of using cbd, I have never felt any addictive urges, nausea, or headaches...only dry mouth during the first week of using.

I speak more about my experience during the 30 day cbd challenge.

Question: Do you have an addictive personality?

Experience: Addiction is relative and generally results in negative assistance. Watching your intake to determine if your body develops cravings after 1 month of continuous use is important to your overall journey. From my experience addiction is not present, but after a medium duration of time benefits may diminish.

Addiction is purely relative in my eyes. It's not always the 'thing' that is addictive, but rather the emotion attached to the 'thing' that is addictive. Meaning anything could potentially be addictive if you create the dependence in your life.

Without getting to philosophical, cbd has not created any addictive tendencies nor do I foresee any developing. 

Creating a state of peace from within allows you the opportunity to reach mental clarity faster and counter to most business models, I do not believe ongoing use of cbd is required. This decision is yours alone and requires careful judgement.

When will CBD begin working?

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Track usage: Each user should keep track of their mental and physical state before using cbd. Cbd comes on subtly and is easy to forget at what point the effects took root. 

Monitoring benefits:  While using cbd, take notice of situations that caused you stress or anxiety (e.g. traffic, work deadlines, talking to certain people). These are tips I used to gauge if cbd was working for me. You should monitor these everyday routines in your life to determine if cbd is working for you.

Back to the question, when will cbd begin working...This day varies by individual. Being realistic with your expectations and following the daily regimen will guarantee results with fluctuating degrees. 

Planning breaks between cbd usage helps gauge the progress of my anxiety and stress. Gauge your progress by performing the 1 month rule. 1 month of use followed by 1 month of discontinued use. The fluctuations will become apparent and provide you the necessary information for continued use.

After the 1 month fule, I suggest lowering/increasing your dose and allow yourself time to figure out where your sweet spot is.


CBD has shown no signs of addiction throughout my test and review phase. This may be different for you, but I feel no signs of addiction in either mental or physical capacities. 

You are not meant to solve problems over night, but in time problems will disappear.

Throughout my time using cbd I have found ways to manage my internal peace. This has led me to experience milestones in my own journey to become mentally aware of my peace. At some point I may leave behind cbd, but for now I am happy with the new life cbd is giving me.

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