CBD, effective and taboo?

Do you want to take synthetic lab made drugs the rest of your life?

Well we didn't and this is one reason for our continued success in the cbd industry.

Because cbd naturally binds to your endocannabinoid system, our bodies understand exactly how to use this additional boost to repair our bodies.

Spending the time to incorporate cbd into your daily routine will help the way your manage your overall head space and pain.

Daily benefits of cbd

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Over the course of a month I began seeing the benefits of cbd, in both personal and work life. Surprisingly, my small daily dosage began influencing daily life.

Daily effects consisting of:

  • Focus
  • Calming
  • Back pain
  • Wrist pain
  • Overall happiness

Cbd is not the cure all, but for issues like anxiety, stress, pain, sleep, and others, cbd is taking charge and handling these issues with exceptional precision.

During my 30 day challenge, I talk about how my cbd affected me and the positive results I am experiencing. This was an important step for me during my journey to becoming stress free and feeling comfortable enough to share my thoughts about cbd to you.

Is cbd still taboo?

Girl putting CBD oil in tea with tea kettle - Zehne

Not at all, since 2018 when the farm bill act passed society at large has become more accepting. As long as cbd contains under 0.03% thc, you are completely safe. Zehne broad spectrum cbd oil contains NO THC so there is not need to worry. 

We want our patients to feel safe when using Zehne and leave anxiety, stress, and pain in the past.

If you are still on the fence about cbd being right for you, focus on healing from within and Zehne will be here if you need that extra boost.

As a parting note, the root of sickness lies dormant in our thoughts and carries toxic weight throughout us like an insidious little entity. As you begin your journey, understand that dismissing negativity creates a healthier anxious free mindset.


Cbd has the potential to be effective at relieving your anxiety and stress if taken daily with users experiencing effects within 1 month of using for mild to moderate pain depending on their dose.

Like any medication, you must follow a strict regiment in the beginning while your body adjusts. Removing unhealthy routines that may contribute to anxiety and stress speed up the process as less cortisol needs to be fought off while cbd begins taking root.

Within about a month you will feel levels of anxiety and stress reducing. During this process, you should take note of your progress to track how effective your current dosage is. 

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