Why I decided to use cbd

In a previous life, my 9-5 job is not really 9-5, but that's another story. The real question is, why should you let this 9-5 job get in the way of your happiness. Taking problems home is the quickest way to bitterness and more health problems.

We all feel stressed and anxious sometimes at work, but keeping these problems to a minimum is not easy. How do you perform better at work when everyone and everything causes stress?

Why did I decide to take CBD?

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In a previous post, I wrote about my 30 day CBD challenge. This post talks about how my body reacted to cbd and the benefits I found.

Why did I decide to take cbd? This was simple, I had anxiety, was stressed out, and my sleep was suffering. I realize I am not alone and like most, I believe there is a longing to feel at peace. A peace that brings together spirit and mind. That is when I came across broad spectrum 500mg and 1000mg cbd.

Taking a new substance is never easy, especially one that is lightly regulated. The way I encountered cbd was during my research for alternative medicine, and cbd was top of the list for health benefits.

During my first month of use I began feeling benefits immediately. These ranged from less stress, better sleep, better workouts, and less overall pain. All from taking 1/2 dropper of cbd. I was impressed and the benefits that poured into my day job.

What was my 9-5 job?

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I worked in the Manufacturing sector as an Accountant/Financial Analyst. Simply put, I handle organizing financial statements for management.

This job is stressful during month-end (25th to 5th calendar day) performing journal entries, reconciling accounts, etc. From the moment I walk into work to the moment I left, my eyes pour over numbers. Don't get me wrong this work is interesting and at times enjoyable, but after a while the work gets stressful.

I found myself working long hours with no end to them in sight. To make matters worse, I was getting sick more often which only compounded the work. 

Anyway, after a few months of this I was beginning to lose sleep as work carried itself home with me. Change was necessary so I realized either this job needs to be replaced or I find a solution to become more focused and less anxious.

How CBD helped me at work:

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During the 30 day cbd challenge, I began noticing my workload becoming easier to maintain while still handling new projects. I'll be honest, there were moments I felt invincible, but that is another story. After experiencing these highs during my cbd experiment, I knew this daily cbd routine was making the impact I was hoping for.

Number crunching felt less tedious and pattern recognition developed faster and easier. I attribute these benefits to better sleep and relaxed thoughts brought on by Zehne. Now that I was back on my game, I was able to re-organize my life and get to work in other areas I let slip away.


Cbd helped me overcome the daily stresses of my job by allowing me to control my reactions. My concentration, health, and sleep became better leading to less stress, better fitness, and less fatigue.

These benefits are easy to notice over 1 month of daily continuous use. Diligence to this daily routine is important for the desired experience I detailed above.

If you feel stressed and anxious at work, cbd may be right for you. Within this 1 month of taking, you should track your levels of stress, anxiety, and sleep. These are the main factors that I monitored when using cbd. 

Realistic expectations should be tracked closely since cbd has subtle effects on the body. Many users who do not track suddenly feel euphoric, but are unable to determine when they felt this way. 

Tracking your progress helps you determine if your regiment is hitting milestones in mental wellbeing.

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