CBD, should I take daily?

Yoga, meditation, and spiritual journeys sometimes fall short of expectations. Trying each one of these to varying degrees provides a deeper understanding of myself, but was unable to help my daily anxiety and stress like cbd.

By including Zehne into my daily routine, I was able to wash away anxiety and stress without any damaging side-effects.

We don't have the opportunity to determine when stress and anxiety occur, but you are capable to taking ownership of how these moments effect you. By using cbd, stress and anxiety were less noticeable within the first month of use.

It's a process fully capable of providing an overall health boost toward these events:

  • Reducing stress triggers
  • Reacting¬†positively to anxious moments
  • Removing cloudy, unclear thoughts
  • Calming lower back and joint pain

Why should I use cbd daily?

Taking cbd daily with your coffee while working - zehne

Like any medicine, your biological system requires time to breakdown and process new dietary substances. Providing your body adequate time to develop bonds with cbd creates internal pathways allowing for stronger biological interactions. 

From both my experience and others, benefits occur between 3-4 weeks during daily use. With cbd being a natural alternative to synthetic pharmaceuticals, cbd requires patience as your system adjusts. 

Now to the point, what benefits did I see within my first month of using?

To name a few:

  • Minimal effort when falling asleep
  • Deeper sleep
  • Less¬†stress and anxiety
  • Better concentration
  • Increased motivation

Whether these are all interconnected or stand alone as a result of cbd, I feel at peace.

Over time I began these benefits increase and my reaction to anxiety and stress are almost non-existent. Remember, keep notes of your experiences and determine how your reactions to new anxious and stressful moments.

To date, these effects have sustained benefits 2 weeks out from when I originally drafted this article. I will keep you posted on any further developments in future articles.

How can CBD help with Anxiety disorders?

CBD aids with anxiety because of its interaction with the endocannabinoid system which play essential roles in the development of the central nervous system. This occurs because CB1 receptors play a notable role in the response to both fear and anxiety, as well as acute stress.

During my 30 day challenge, I talk more about my experience with cbd.

Throughout my 1 month journey, I witnessed my work life become increasingly manageable. Sticking to my daily dose helped build a foundation that led me to where I am today.

As you incorporate cbd into your life, remember that your body will begin re calibrating to adjust for decreased cortisol intake allowing for a new and different perspective on life to emerge.

During this time we encourage users to note the fluctuations in their mood to track whether your dose is affecting you in the manner expected. Each person is unique and therefore, doses may vary. We recommend 1/2 dropper for 500mg and 1/4 dropper 1000mg for new users.

Stressed at work


Including cbd within my daily routine plays a vital role in my well being. Less stress, less anxiety, and better sleep allow me the opportunity to maintain mental clarity.

Benefits occur in phases during your 1 month experience. Keep notes of your experiences during anxious and stressful moments to gauge your bodies reaction. Over time, my body took on less stress and anxiety. 

Since day one of using cbd, my perspective on alternative medicines has changed drastically. I would like everyone to experience the results I feel daily while using cbd.

Set milestones on what you expect and adjust mg doses accordingly. Zehne could be your missing piece.

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