What is a Certificate of Analysis?

A Certificate of Analysis provides a report on compounds found in lab tested samples. Compounds such as CBD, THC, and others within the Cannabinoid family are separately tested for potency and listed in our reports below.

How do I read the Certificate of Analysis?

Within the Certificate of Analysis report¬†the "Cannibinoid Profile" section provides details of samples tested.¬†Compounds¬†of focus are CBD and¬†(őĒ-9-THC)¬†content.¬†Abbreviations found within¬†the Certificate of Analysis are:¬†ND = Not Detected, NT = Not Tested, and blank sections = Not Applicable.

When reviewing the Cannibinoid Profile section, the mg/unit column will let you know how much CBD is contained within the product you are interested in.

Oil Tinctures

500mg Oil Tincture Certificate of Analysis

1000mg Oil Tincture Certificate of Analysis

2000mg Oil TIncture Certificate of Analysis

Softgel Capsules

1500mg Softgel Capsules Certificate of Analysis

2400mg Softgel Capsules Certificate of Analysis

Pet Treats

300mg Pet Treats Certificate of Analysis